MORPHO SAILS – transforming to the wind!


MORPHO SAILS – The world’s first “One Range” sail brand. All the power for real world windsurfing. Developed by Mark Thoms in cooperation with Tenerife’s José Fernandez.

MORPHO SAILS introduces an ultra-compact range, morphing from wave (3.4 – 5.0) to freewave (5.3 – 5.7) to freemove (6.3 – 6.9) into freeride (7.6 – 8.4). No double sizes. Just powerful sails with an exceptional wide range. That means less sails to a quiver.


When trimmed full shape a MORPHO sail develops tons of POWER (and less if you trim it flat) allowing you to sail at least one, sometimes even two sizes, smaller than you’d normally do. Why sail with excess surface when less works better?! Available in 13 sizes: 3.4/3.7/4.0/4.2/4.5/4.7/5.0/5.3/5.7/6.3/6.9/7.6/8.4


It gets even better: MORPHO SAILS work on any modern mast, on any curve! In fact, the performance and power morphs with the mast’s bend characteristics: A Soft Top (curve 13-15) mast will get you going noticeably quicker in light wind, but obviously, will be harder to handle in high winds. Switching to a Hard Top (curve 7-9) will get you more high wind handling and control but less low end power. This in mind, we recommend a Constant Curve to deliver the most balanced performance profile – like our Curve 12 MORPHO masts in either 90% or 60% carbon.


Despite expensive features like Symmetric Batten Wrap, 2CarbonStringers or a super robust PVC Window, our factory-direct business model allows us to offer full DimensionPolyant® Scrim/X-ply sails at very affordable prices.